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Man​itoba Métis Artisan

Borealis Beading is owned and operated by Melanie Gamache, a Manitoba Métis beadwork artisan who started beading in 2015. Melanie has always been a creative individual, but her talent for beadwork has developed along with her passion for sharing the Métis culture and history relating to beadwork. Borealis Beading has grown from creating her very own beadwork pieces to organizing workshops, hosting Métis cultural learning experiences and carrying basic beading supplies required to start you on your beading journey.

Borealis Beading provides you with a hands-on creative learning experience where participants learn the art and skill of 2-Needle Beading, Finger Weaving, or Quilting, along with the cultural and historical significance to the Métis people, “The Flower Beadwork People”. Métis cultural learning experiences and workshops are delivered in a style reflective of the traditional beading circle format where friends and family would meet to share stories and talk about their day while passing on the traditional art of beadwork.


Borealis Beading prides our self on maintaining a certain level of integrity which has directed us to create our very own code of ethics:
  • Carry on the teachings of traditional Métis 2-needle beading technique.
  • Continued learning of Métis culture and heritage as it relates to beading, so this knowledge is passed on for future generations.
  • Continued use of ethically and traditionally harvested moose, elk, deer, or bison to use the leather for workshops so participants have the opportunity to work with leather historically used by the Métis.
  • Encourage hunters to use as much of their harvested animal as possible.
  • Provide creative learning workshops for individuals interested in learning the history of the projects they are creating and techniques they are utilizing.
  • Continue offering small group workshops to ensure all individuals receive one on one assistance as needed during the workshop.

Artist Statement

Melanie Gamache is a Manitoba Métis Artisan. She started beadwork as a form of meditative therapy and it has helped her to dig deeper into her Métis culture and heritage; discovering her connection and responsibility with beading and the environment. Each piece she creates is an expression of gratitude to her ancestors, “The Flower Beadwork People”.

Artist Statement & Bio (PDF)

Melanie Gamache CV (PDF)


(204) 447-7478

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